Our Story

In June 1987, Sister Jeraldine Booker-Banks, met with eight residents of the local Clearlake area to establish and charter the first African-American Baptist Church in Clearlake.  During this meeting Rev. James Norris of San Francisco, CA  served as the presiding minister and would eventually become the first pastor of Praises of Zion.

Worship services were held in various locations, beginning in a small building next to JCPenney’s, the Citibank building and then to the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Clearlake.

In 1988 when Rev.  Norris could no longer serve, Rev. Robert Lacy of Oakland, California was asked to serve in the interim.  On July 24, 1988, Rev. Al Wilson was elected and served until 1990.

Again, the Praises of Zion Church family found itself without a pastor.  Through much prayer and faith, along with the recommendation of Rev. Wilson, Rev. Solomon L. Armstrong was elected to serve as the third pastor.  Under Pastor Armstrong’s leadership, we purchased five acres at 3890 Emile Street.  This property was eventually selected as the site for the church.  A ground breaking ceremony was held on November 24, 1996, and On July 6, 1997, we marched into our new sanctuary and present facilities.  The church family grew numerically, spiritually and financially under Rev. Armstrong’s direction.  In 2005 and after 14 years service, Rev. Armstrong resigned as pastor.  To date, Pastor Armstrong is the longest tenured pastor of Praises of Zion.
How it all started...
Our current facility opened July 6, 1997
Expanding the vision...
Pastor Green was elected March 1, 2009
On September 1, 2006, Rev. Lynda C. Davis Robinson became the fourth pastor of the church.  She made history in becoming the first female Pastor of Praises of Zion.  She served from until January 2008.

Through the transitional times, Reverends Franklin and Pamela Wright and Rev. Denise Johnson were there to provide spiritual guidance to the Praises of Zion Congregation.  They acted as a team of interim ministers and carried on the work of the ministry while the church went into prayer seeking the Lord’s guidance for a pastor.

In 2009, Rev. Jonathan L. Green was elected to be the fifth Pastor of Praises of Zion.  Rev. Green preached his first sermon as Pastor-elect on Sunday, March 1, 2009.

Under the leadership of Pastor Green the church edifice and sanctuary underwent a makeover and several building improvements were made.  The membership continues to grow numerically, financially and spiritually and has become a multi-cultural congregation.   The music department has expanded and our other auxiliaries including the Mission, WINGS—Women’s Ministry, Men’s Ministry, Youth & Children’s Ministry, Outreach Ministry and Celebrate Recovery continue to thrive.
The ministerial staff has Expanded and grown in their calling. In 2017, Rev. Lori Fairley Green was appointed to serve as Assistant Pastor of Praises of Zion.  In 2022, both Sherida Walker and Jacqueline Kelly were ordained to the gospel ministry.  The ministerial team continue to diligently co-laboring with the Pastor, utilizing their gifts and working to bring those who do not know Christ into the fold.

In addition, the church established a website to keep the congregation updated that also offered online giving.  In 2020, at the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic the church expanded its online presence by utilizing Zoom and Conference Calls as another means of attending services and Bible Studies.  Utilizing these avenues the church was also able to begin a Friday noon day Bible Study taught by Bro. Isaiah Green.   As the church begins to navigate in a post pandemic world, we are looking to bring members back to in-person worship, as well as continue to reach and expand the churches online membership, revitalizing ministries and continue to be a beacon of light in the city of Clearlake and in Lake County.

We are excited about the direction God is leading us and look forward with anticipation.  Our Pastor’ s prayer is that each and every  member grow closer to Christ and the full knowledge of who he is, and to win our families, friends and community to Christ. 
Where we are headed...
We are excited for what God has next...

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